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Wash and Fun Laundromat provides affordable Laundry and Dry Clean services in Las Vegas for your home and business.  We have coin-operated washing machines in several sizes to suit your needs, as well as fluff and fold and ironing services. Our attention to detail ensures that we provide the quality results you expect. Each customer wash load is laundered and dried separately by trained personnel and then folded and bagged.


Guests traveling to Las Vegas will appreciate our affordable pricing and friendly staff to get their laundry done. You may need to extend your stay and need to get some freshly laundered and ironed clothes; Wash N Fun Laundromat is here to help. We are open 7 days a week, from 7am to 11 pm.

We also have 4 gaming machines so that you may try your luck while waiting for your clothes to wash and dry.

Our morning customers will enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and check their messages with our free WIFI.

How Often to Clean Your Clothes?

As seasons change, so does our selection of clothes. Remember to care for your coats, winter sweaters, and jackets to keep them in good condition. We advise you to read the label of the outfit for proper care directions. Some fabrics require hand wash, gentle cycle, or dry cleaning. Others require to hang dry or cool iron.

The fabric of an item of clothing and the number of wears are factors to be considered when deciding how often to wash/ dry clean a piece of clothing.

Storage considerations

Before storing any winter clothing at the end of the season, make sure that all pockets are emptied, also pay attention if there are any spots or stains, have them washed or dry cleaned per label instructions.  Moths are attracted to human odor, perfume, and food smell, and therefore if clothing is not properly cleaned you may see a hole(s) in your wool jacket.

Try to stay away from storing winter coats and wool jackets in vinyl clothing bags. It is advisable to store them in breathable bags.


By following a few simple wash, dry clean, and storage guidelines, you will be able to wear your jacket or coat for a longer period by maintaining a newer look.

 Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is essential to maintain the color and texture of wool or wool blends. Machine washing wool can damage fabrics and destroy sweaters.

Washing machine

Sweaters can be a regular wash, gentle cycle, or hand wash; the label will usually have how to care information. However, the material of other sweaters, such as cashmere, may require special treatment.


Sweat is the last thing you want to sleep on. We sweat a lot every night, especially in Las Vegas.

We recommend that you wash bed sheets once a week. We offer, in our wash and fold service, the option of washing and folding towels and bedsheets.

Due to sickness, you may need to change bed sheets or other bedding as soon as possible after recovery to avoid a relapse. To do this, you need to wash the sheets in hot water to kill bacteria and dry using high heat drying setting.



Bath towels are the ideal residence for microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Water, hot air, and oxygen are ideal breeding grounds for microorganisms. If you use the towel several times, the bacteria will return to your body.

As we all know, towels should be washed after 3-4 uses. However, if you are sick, you should wash more often. In flu season, wash towels after each use. Also, avoid sharing towels to prevent transmission.

When washing towels, the recommended temperature to kill bacteria is 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid using fabric softeners. The residue remains on the towel, reducing its absorption capacity. Las Vegas Wash & Fun offers quality towel care at a reasonable price.

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