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Please take the time! Wash And Fun Laundromat can provide high-quality laundry services in Las Vegas for your home or office, be it laundry service, laundry butler service or concierge service. Our attention to detail, state-of-the-art equipment for environmental protection and cleaning technology ensure that we provide the quality results you expect. We respect your clothes. Your clothing will be laundered separately by trained personnel, dried separately, folded, and bagged.



Wash N Fun Laundromat provides the Iso-Wash service for those who are sensitive to traditional organic detergents and those who want to wash with unscented or non-allergenic detergents. Special machines do not mean contact with conventional detergents or softeners. Like all of our laundry services, clothes are individually washed in the usual way. Register now and choose your favorite detergent and softener at once. We retain your future Iso-Wash service preferences.



Wash N Fun Laundromat is proud to offer environmentally friendly dry cleaning services in las vegas, Your desire to stand out in professional dry cleaning clothing no longer means choosing between quality and environmental protection, or jeopardizing the health of laundry workers. Wash N Fun Laundromat’s eco-friendly dry cleaning services can meet your needs and options.




Guests traveling to las vegas will enjoy professional laundry services and eco-friendly dry cleaning services. Whether you want to extend your stay or encounter a minor accident on the way, Wash N Fun Laundromat will handle your laundry, no matter where you are (residence, BnB, hotel, or business location) we are a few minutes away.


First of all, we know your hustle. This is why we are committed to providing high-quality services and using the latest environmentally friendly dry cleaning technology. Only suitable for your clothes! Let’s make laundry day a breeze.

How Often to Clean Your Clothes


As the seasons change and the staples in the closet turn, most of us forget to take care of our coats but remember to clean sweaters and jackets to make them look good. Cleaning the jacket will remove all harmful contaminants. However, you must be careful. Cleaning the jacket or coat with ordinary detergent can damage it. Residues left by household detergents can attract water and wet the jacket. Similar to dirt, oil, and dirt.

The safest method is to always use technical cleaners for cleaning. To improve the life cycle of a jacket or coat, you can use a professional cleaning service (such as Wash N Fun Laundromat) for cleaning. We provide Best laundry services in las vegas, reducing the hassle of doing it yourself.


When considering how often your sweater or jacket should be cleaned, there are a few things to consider. These include:


Consider the fabric


Coat fabric and frequency of use are factors to consider when deciding how often to wash the coat. Las vegas Laundry Delivery is the expert who decides how to maintain all fabrics. The following is a list of different fabrics and the recommended wash frequency.


Blazer and blazer – after wearing 4-5.


Polar jacket: after using 6 or 7.


If you don’t wear raincoats frequently, you should do this once a month. If you use it twice a month. And don’t forget to use a waterproof treatment to ensure the jacket’s waterproof coating works.


Down jacket, leather jacket, wool coat, once a season (if used occasionally)


Storage considerations


Remember to wear a jacket during the low season to extend the life of the jacket or jacket. Before storing at the end of the season, make sure the coat is clean, even if there are no visible spots or stains. Moths are attracted to perfume and food smells, so if you don’t wash your coat or jacket cleanly, it can be a nasty hole. Wash and Fold laundry Delivery las vegas also provides clean coats and jackets and recommends how to store them best to keep them in good condition.


Clean layers are inseparable from proper storage. Everything should be taken out of the jacket or jacket pocket to ensure the jacket is in perfect condition for the upcoming season.


When it comes to storage, coats, especially leather jackets and jackets, should allow for breathing. That is, keep coats and jackets in cloth bags instead of vinyl clothing bags. You can also use plastic trash cans, but only if you don’t store a lot of coats in a trash can.


By following these cleaning and storage guidelines, you can continue to wear a jacket or coat. After all, they deserve a little love because they keep you warm and comfortable during cold weather.



Dry cleaning


Dry cleaning is almost essential to maintain the color and texture of wool or wool blends. If you don’t have stubborn stains, you can choose to wash your hands. Machine washed wool can damage fabrics and destroy sweaters.


washing machine


Some sweaters can be hand washed, if there is any, the label will tell you. However, the material of other sweaters (such as cashmere) is very delicate and requires special treatment.





Sweating is the last thing you want to sleep for, but we sweat a lot every night.


In fact, the average adult sweats about 25 milliliters per hour. Suppose you must sleep 8 hours a night, then you will understand why you need to wash towels more than usual. Most importantly, it is easy to see the natural shedding of the skin, the oil on the skin, the ideal warm environment for dust mites, and the fact that our bed will soon get very dirty.


The frequency of washing the sheet generally depends on the situation. We recommend that you wash sheets and other sheets at least every two weeks. It is recommended that people with night sweats wash once a week. If you are tired of this operation yourself, or if you don’t have time, you can use a professional cleaning service to clean the gears. This excellent cleaning service offers the option of washing and folding towels and sheets. If you are allergic to mites, it is recommended that you wash with at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54.4 degrees Celsius) of water each week. dust mites.


If you feel uncomfortable due to an infectious disease, you may need to change sheets or other bedding as soon as possible after recovery to avoid a relapse. To do this, you need to heat the water to 60-65.5 degrees Celsius (140-150 degrees Fahrenheit) to kill bacteria and remember to choose the disinfection option in the washing machine. Also, when drying, use the highest drying setting.




Bath towels are the ideal residence for microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Water, hot air, and oxygen are ideal breeding grounds for microorganisms. If you use the towel several times, the bacteria will return to your body.


As we all know, towels should be washed after 3-4 uses. However, if you are sick, the situation will change. In flu season, wash towels after use. Also, avoid sharing towels to prevent bacteria growth.


When washing towels, the recommended temperature to kill bacteria is 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). Also, if possible, enable the disinfection option in the washing machine. Otherwise, slightly increase the water temperature. Avoid using fabric softeners. The residue remains on the towel, reducing its absorption capacity. Las Vegas  Wash & Fun offers quality towel care at a reasonable price. The towel begins to give off a particularly musty smell, so put 1/2 cup of yeast in the suitcase to make it look fresh.

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