Wash N Fun Coin Laundry Near Your Location in Las Vegas

What is coin laundry and how does it work?

Coin laundry, also known as a laundromat, is a laundry facility wherein people pay to use washing machines and dryers to wash or launder their clothes. The business gets its name from the fact that it is operated by the use of a coin just like a typical Vending machine. Now the business owner could decide to have it on a small scale level, whereby people just come in and launder the clothes themselves, or he/she could decide to expand the business and include dry cleaning. The main difference between the regular washing machines is that they are coin-operated.

In some of these facilities, you will find few or no employees at all. The employees come in once in a while to ensure that the machines are in order and also to empty the coins from the machine. In such cases, the machines are fitted with gadgets to convert bills into coins. But at Wash N Fun we have employees who are ready to assist you or even do the task on your behalf.

Since you, as the customer, will be required to do the laundry yourself, it is essential that you know how to do it, and do it right.

Here are some four simple steps to follow on how to use a coin laundry machine.

1. To begin with, check that the washing machine or dryer don’ t have any articles or clothes left by the previous user. Check if it’s clean and wipe or clean first before using it.
2. The next thing to do is sort your clothes and put your clothes separately as you put then into the machines. You could sort by whites, colors, bulk or large items like towels, etc. You could also opt to use a mesh bag to put smaller delicates like bra’s etc.. so that they don’t tangle with the rest of your laundry.
3. After this, set the Cycle Specification. This can be done by operating the buttons or knobs that are found at the front of the machine. The specifications are in terms of either cold, warm, or hot water. You can also determine the pace of the cycle.
4. Put on the soap. For some machines, there are options for pre-wash powder or liquid detergents, bleach, and softeners.
5. Insert coins into the allocated coin slot. Do not use paper money. If you do not have coins ensure that you first convert the bills into coins first.
4. Finally, close the cover of the machine press Start.

Give it adequate time to complete the entire cycle. Usually, washers took around 30mins to complete, depends on the size used.

There are several advantages where a household could leverage in using the Coin Laundromat as compared to using the traditional washing machine at home:
1. It conserves water. Regular washing machines will use about 120 quarts of water (30 gallons) for every round. Commercial coin laundry machines on the other hand use about half of this amount.
2. These commercial machines are big enough to hold large amounts of laundry and this takes a much shorter time as compared to using a small washing machine.
3. Most of these facilities have attendants on standby in case you encounter a persistent stain.
4. When you do the laundry you avoid clothes mix up and actually get to do your laundry exactly as you like it.

Wash N Fun- The Most Enjoyable Coin Laundry in Las Vegas and Here is How to locate us

When entering Wash N Fun, you enter the most enjoyable and fun coin laundry in Las Vegas, where doing laundry and making friends is a very natural thing.

Our coin laundry in Las Vegas provides an outstanding, easy-to-use, easy-to-store laundry service. The Wash and Fold service is a high-end laundry service- a great solution for those who need to save their precious time and money resulting in the best laundry possible.

Thanks to our family-oriented environment, accessibility to our mini library, toys, and machines you will feel at home while waiting for your laundry. In Wash N Fun coin laundry, you are NOT alone. If any questions or need a hand, our customer service representatives are always there for you so you don’t need to worry, there is no way your questions will stay unanswered.

Wash N Fun Coin Laundry Near Your Location

Wash N Fun coin laundry in Las Vegas is famous for its safe and clean location. We are situated in 4425 Stewart Ave, within easy reach of downtown Las Vegas and the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

Located near the crossroad of Stewart Ave and N Lamb Blvd, it’s just

– a 7-minute walk from the William K Moore Elementary School from the West,

– a 12-minute walk from the Elbert Edwards Elementary School from the North-East,

– a 4-minute drive from the Desert Pines Golf Club,

– a 9-minute walk from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

– a 4-minute drive from Mark Morgan Family Park in North West,

– a 2-minute drive from Stewart Place Park,

– a 10-minute drive from Las Vegas Natural History Museum,

– a 15-minute drive from the North Las Vegas airport.


As you can see, Wash N Fun coin Laundromat in Las Vegas is reachable from all locations mentioned above and more, Here is a one-click link that leads to our store.


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